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Have a lot of things happening at one time without your computer slowing down let’s get back to our lesson in the class well now that we have some of the basics down let’s talk about the monitor the computer has to have a way to show us the information on our computer screen for that you need a video card the video card is right here I have an all example of one here that you can take.

A closer look at this video card basically has an output here where it can send the signal out to your monitor there are different connections that we’ll cover later on-sometimes you can also find integrated video cards what that means is the video card is actually part of the motherboard and it’s included I don’t have an example here but you also have other cards like the sound card.

The sound cardies responsible for all the sounds you hear on your speakers usually the microphone would connect to that generally your motherboard will have the sound card again integrated on it another type of card that you’ll find isa network card the network card allows us to connect your computer to the web-again that is usually included with the motherboard as well but some motherboards require to have your own network card the last thing we’ll walkabout is the drive right up here this isa CD DVD blew-ray.

Drive and on the inside it looks like this like this rectangular piece of equipment and it’s designed to play your optical discs now one thing you might be wondering is if I’m using laptop how the world do they fit all these things inside that smaller device well the truth is a laptop has all the same stuff the only thing is that laptop is more compact so your.